Read Notes of Inspiration about RIDC:

Atia’s Project Ladybug Fund (APLF) is incredibly grateful for Raw Inspirations Dance Company’s (RIDC) partnership in our mission to ease the struggles of childhood cancer. RIDC is a loyal supporter of our nonprofit organization and consistently donates their time, talent and money helping to further our cause of lifting the spirits of patients and their families while undergoing rigorous cancer treatment. RIDC’s enthusiasm, dedication and strength, so expertly honed in their graceful and emotional dancing, has transcended into their philanthropic efforts, truly showcasing the beauty and passion within their hearts. RIDC embodies the spirit from which APLF was founded. We treasure our friends and fellow volunteers at RIDC and look forward to the many great things we will do together in the future!
— Laura Lutarewych, Director APLF

As I hope many know, RIDC changed my life! I learned to dance for love, emotion, and stories. It became less of a competition. I chose RIDC because Ms Jess was the first person who made me feel like I was a beautiful dancer, something I never really believed. It helped me find confidence through movement, not because I was technically excellent, but because I was able to move people through a story made of movement. I was able to find escape and relief in dance. Those Friday nights the first year were just that! It is indescribable to be able to move with others, have them move you, you move them (both physically and emotionally). I have not found something since that gives me the same feeling. I feel like I left RIDC with an openness to both vulnerability and critique most people never have the access to experience. We also had so much fun together. I know I always have a home at RIDC and that really means the world to me.
— Emma Holtan RIDC Alumni

I’m so grateful that we found RIDC, it re-ignited my daughter’s love of dance. We came from a dance environment that felt the older you got the more days, hours (and cost) you need to put into dance, but the 10+ hours a week were actually turning her love of dance into more of a chore to dance. At RIDC she loves the more personalized attention with the small class sizes, she always tells me it’s her 2nd home and Ms. Jess is her 2nd mom :-) RIDC brought the love and passion back into her dance!
— Karen Kleine RIDC Parent

Nicole has been dancing since she was just shy of 3 years old. I watched her fall in love with dancing. At such a young age, she would love to sit through the entire recital to see everyone dance - as she grew old she would comment on choreography, technique, and form. She loved dancing up until high school. At this time she started to want to try new styles new techniques but her studio wasn’t open to her input.

I thought she was going to leave dance all together I think she was questioning how find her dance style and voice. Then she found RIDC and the dance passion returned. I love seeing Nicole fully engaged in the dance. Nicole has found her passion again. And we found a dance home that allows Nicole to remain active in other school activities. A balance that is hard to find in the dance competition community.

Nicole’s form, technique, and presence on stage has blossomed with RIDC. The dance mom’s are so supportive and hysterical to hang out with. The work the girls put in is intense but does not take over their schedules - allowing them to be engaged with dance teams and/or other sports, which is very much appreciated.

I’m thankful Nicole found her dance home with RIDC.
— Tammy B ~RIDC Parent

Being a part of RIDC was one of the best choices I have ever made for myself. In that studio, surrounded by friends so close they felt like family, I was free to truly be myself. I think back on my time with RIDC and remember continuous laughter, warm embraces, and a powerful feeling of belonging. I was pushed in my artistry, technique, and performance, and matured so much as a dancer. I became more confident in my abilities and learned how to inspire an audience through my movement. RIDC holds a very special place in my heart, and I am eternally grateful to Jess for giving me a safe space to express myself and grow not only as a dancer, but as a person.
— Avery K ~RIDC Alumni