Celebrating 5 Seasons of Inspiration

As an educator, I find myself yearning to make a difference. I want young people who come take a class from me to feel like they are not only excited to move and groove, but also inspired to always try something different. My favorite phrase is “I don’t know if this will work, but lets just play around and try”

So much of dance is a trial and error process. We are moved to create by a plethora of outside sources. A spark ignites, and the creative juices start flowing. Sometimes an entire piece can come out in one try, and sometimes it takes months of trying out a phrase, throwing it away, trying something new, then coming back to it.

Over the last five years RIDC has grown, evolved, blossomed, and through all that continues to inspire me every day.

A friend gave me a bracelet the day I announced I was starting my own company, it is engraved with:

“I dreamed it, and so I did” RIDC March 2014.

Some days I can’t even believe it has been 5 years since I dove head first into a pool of the unknown and started this little company. And some days it feels like I don’t know my life before it started.

RIDC is so different than the average dance experience. And I am moved to continue to welcome young dancers the opportunity to grow and learn in the setting we have developed.

Dance continues to grow in popularity throughout the country and the world, we moved past the age of “Dance Moms”, still enjoy a sprinkle of “So You Think You Can Dance”, and if you are like me, sit in awe as we watch the incredible talent on “World of Dance”

However, dance isn’t the only thing changing, school is changing, school sports are changing, our kids, the dancers are changing.

Dancing 15+ hours a week, while maintaining above average GPA’s, volunteering at local charities, holding a job, being involved in school activities, and let’s not forget about a social life. Those things can overbook a student leaving them run down and zombie like.

When we created RIDC we wanted a program which allowed a dancer to train blending impeccable technique classes, with artistically creative stylistic classes without overbooking the dancer, or their families.

Five years later we are still holding true that philosophy. That we can provide a space and home for dancers that will never let them feel like dance is a burden, or a chore. We will create a place they yearn to go to, and have a hard time leaving.

This March we celebrate 5 years of coming together to be inspired, and leave inspiring others!

Will we see you with us for Season 6?

Big hugs,