Why Choose RIDC?

Many people visit our page randomly, sporadically , or even often. People search to see what RIDC  is all about and who we are. They find great photos from our talented photographers, links to our vimeo page; to see full length copies of our annual gala and more. But as we enter audition season we wanted to provide you a small glimpse into what makes training with RIDC so unique. 

As educators for many years in the Madison area. Directors Jessica M Duplessis and Alyssa Gunsolus met by chance and have developed one of the most unique training facilities in the Madison area. Both of our directors have resumes that list numerous years of experience they bring to the dancers of RIDC, but also the many ways they have changed the way competition dancers train. 

Many studios have competition teams for dancers to join, by either signing up or auditioning. RIDC wanted to create a program that was audition based, but also provided an environment that was conducive to the extremely demanding schedules of the Madison youth. 

RIDC believes that quality of training will always out way that of quantity of hours in the studio. Especially because many dancers long for a place to train and receive excellent technique training, but also realize that they might not necessarily be training to be the ever elusive title of "employable dancers".

Todays young dancers juggle many balls during their academic year, with academic commitments, the requirements of community service, school activities such as sports and music programs, jobs, and of course a teenage social life. RIDC created a program that allowed dancers to successfully manage all of the juggling of those many activities but also never give up on their passion for dance. 

Does that mean RIDC is not a strict and serious program? NOT AT ALL. However , we do realize that not everyone who is a competitive dancer longs for a career in dance, they simply love dance and long to train with people who are liked minded. And lets not forget performing and competing is pretty fun too. 

Dancers are expected to take a minimum of 6 hours of dance training as a full company each week. They are expected to complete conditioning, ballet and jazz technique, learn and prepare competition routines, learn and perform original works for performance opportunities; as in joint collaborations with Fresco Opera Theatre of Madison, complete community service work, as well as create an original works for premier at their annual gala. We pack a lot of commitments into our 9 month program, and our dancers come to the studio EVERY rehearsal ready to work, and eager to improve each week.

Dancers ages 12-18 are encouraged to attend our annual RIDC Experience, a free dance event; which allows us to dance with our friends whether they be dancers in other companies, or friends from other sports. We want to share our love for our company, as well as our craft with as many people as possible. We are also deeply committed to easing the struggles of childhood cancer with our long lasting work with Atia's Project Ladybug Fund. 

We understand that dancers have lots of options when finding a "home" for them during their young dance time. We want to create a place that not only inspires dancers to try something different, but also allows our dancers to feel that they have the ability to enjoy things outside of the studio as well. 

RIDC also values our time outside of the studio with each other as much as in. Each year we take a trip to the wilderness during the holidays to spend two days enjoying time with each other away from anything "dance" related, as well as get to really know the new members of our team who have joined for their inaugural season. We spend time in the community doing things like volunteering at the River Food Pantry, we are the "big sisters" to the tiny dancers of Tutu School Sun Prairie, and of course as we mentioned our deep commitment to APLF. 

When finding your dance "home" you should always be encouraged to follow what you are drawn to. We love meeting new people, and respect that every program isn't for every dancer. If you have questions about our program or have a friend that might be interested please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We love hearing from new friends, and hope that if our program sounds like the right one for you we might see you at some of our events!