The Second Annual RIDC Experience

It is some what surreal when you mention something is your second annual something. As a brand new company last season so many things were our "First" and now things are becoming an annual event. 

We created the RIDC experience to invite the dancers of Madison to come and dance with us. Sharing a dance class is a special and intimate exchange between young artists. Sometimes dancers aren't given the opportunity to do so, and some dancers don't  have the chance to take an official class at a real studio. 

The RIDC experience has been an event every member of RIDC looks forward to all year. It's a chance to open our doors and share a night of dance for free with our friends, and make new friends. 

Our mission has always been to create a space where dancers come to be inspired and leave inspiring others. Sharing a dance class open to the public is just the platform to do that. 

Dancers of all ages and abilities join us. There is no perfection strived for, there are no awards to win. Just dancers learning, moving, and letting loose together. 

The RIDC experience also allows other dancers to see how our company trains, do our conditioning and get a taste of our technique classes, and wrap the evening up with some fun combinations in Jazz and Lyrical. 

We all enjoy this night so much and hope that our friends that join us have as much fun as we do. We would love to see you next year out our 3rd Annual RIDC Experience!

Peace Love and Dance