Completing the Competition Season, and Moving Into Show Production

What a season!


We travelled around the state of Wisconsin as well as the Midwest Region. We've been busy, we've worked hard, and we are proud to say we have inspired. 

One of the things that RIDC is proud to participate in is a competitive program with events that are held around the state. Many companies host competitions and each event has a different feel to it. This year we decided to attend Starpower Talent, Groove, and Midwest Starz. We tried new locations, and enjoyed every minute of it.

The competitive dance world is a unique blend of athleticism, artistry, and more. Our dancers train hard all year working to really polish the routines that they choose to take to these events. Each time the dancers hit the stage, the pieces evolve into a better version of itself from the last time it was performed. 

One of the things we as a company were working on this year was to make each piece special in its own way. Leave the audience feeling something because the intent we put behind the performance. 

Our dancers were very successful in their missions this year, and our competition season ended on a very very very good, and humbling note. 

Normally we would list the award that each dance received here, but going in a different direction, We would like to just say that we exceeded our expectations on ourselves at each competition, and with scores and feedback that made us better with each performance we enjoyed a very successful first year competitive season. 

It's not about the trophies or titles, or scores. It's about the people in an audience coming up to you, or your dancers and commenting about how beautiful their ballet piece was, how stunning the group performed together as, and how people wished they lived closer to our location so their dancer could train with us. Our mission is to provide a place where dancers can come to be inspired and leave inspiring others, and we have succeeded. 

As a director I beam with pride from the moment the girls step on the stage until the moment that they come off the stage after awards with sleepy eyes, excited smiles, and giddy from excitement from the comments they get from the other amazingly talented dancers that they shared the stage with. 

As we ended our competitive season just last month we have been very busy preparing our end of the year performance for our first annual gala. This year was a learning year for all of us who chose to take a chance on this new venture called RIDC, and we hope you will join us as we take you on that journey with us in our first annual gala show titled "Still I Rise". We work closely in partnership with Atia's Project Ladybug Fund and the proceeds from our ticket sales will go to making as many Ladybug Comfort bags that we can. We hope you will join us and contact us for ticket information.

Thank you for stopping by, keep your eyes peeled for more news and amazing photos from our gala....


Until next time,

Peace Love and Dance