The Competition Season Approaches

As many dance studios, company's, and teams across the country enter a very busy time, the anticipation of debuting months of hard work is upon the RIDC members. We have been in the midst of a very busy season. Our dancers are dedicated to so many things that reach beyond the walls of our studio time together, and some how, they still find the time to focus, get performance ready, and really stun their audience members when they are on stage. 

One of the hardest things about a performance is making sure numerous elements that are really below the tip of the competition iceberg are in place. Hair, tights, makeup, props, costumes, straps, formations, you name it, the littles details are so important. So what a better way to get ready for the performance then to get on a stage and practice!

We are so fortunate that the amazing people in our community make things like using stage space possible for us. We gathered up our things and headed to Monona Grove High School on a cold Saturday night to test out all the small elements on stage. The atmosphere was casual, the stage lights bright, and we have to send a big shout out to Natalie Armstrong and Tara Kuhlow for capturing the most amazing moments in photos for us. 

Being able to have memories like performing together is great, but having still shots of moments that sometimes make you catch your breath, well that is really something special.

We head to our first competition at the end of this month, and that weekend kicks off a three in a row weekend extravaganza for the RIDC dancers. We will travel first to St Louis for the Tremaine Dance Convention and competition. We love being a part of Team Tremaine, and are so proud of one of our members Anna M for being part of the Tremaine performance group. We are anxious to be surrounded by our many dance friends, colleagues and of course the wonderful faculty as we immerse ourselves in a dance filled weekend of love, passion, and of course Inspiration. 

But don't worry everyone, after our fun filled adventure to St Louis, we will be back in Madison for the chance to perform locally! Keep checking back here for fun updates!


Have you saved the date for our end of the year gala yet? You are going to want to! Better yet, send us a hello on the contact page, we would love to send you an official save the date!!! 


Peace Love and Dance!