RIDC.....the beginning

Our season has officially kicked off. Our dancers are entering their second week of training and are becoming more inspirational each day. 

The members of RIDC decided to donate to Sole Matter the intensive, a wonderful dance experience made possible by some of Wisconsin's own talented dancers led by the fabulous Cedric Gardner. As we continue on our path we know that we are very fortunate for the opportunities we as a company are provided. When the dancers took a moment to realize that they could help others have similar experiences, that may not other wise have these types of opportunities they whole heartily embodied the mission of RIDC. Through these experiences our company members truly gain life long experiences that foster philanthropic work in their every day lives. 

We also continue our wonderful partnership with Atia's Project Ladybug Fund. RIDC proudly sponsors its second Ladybug Comfort Bag with donations collected from the dancers and families. APLF is a non profit organization that works to ease the struggles of families and patients battling childhood cancer. Ladybug comfort bags are one of the most important pieces that we provide for the Ladybug families. This summer RIDC sponsored a comfort bag at the 4th annual Ladybug Bash hosted at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. We are so excited to be able to sponsor our second bag this year, and look forward to our end of the year gala which all the proceeds will go to sponsoring as many comfort bags as possible. If you are interested in learning more about APLF please let contact us and we can help steer you in the right direction.

Until Next Time!

Peace Love and Dance